low cost dental care

A bright smile conveys the look of youth, health, confidence and success. Our office offers two excellent options for whitening that are both prescription strength and available only through a dental office: a take home system and an in-office system. Both are high quality and clinically proven Opalescence products.

 Low Cost Dental Care Teeth Whitening

The take home system employs the use a set of ten (upper/ lower) easy to use, tray delivered strips that are worn for approximately 1/2 hour per day. We have had outstanding results and patient satisfaction with this lower cost, high value option.

The in-office procedure is truly the “gold standard” of tooth whitening. A much stronger gel is placed in a very controlled manner, with the gums protected, on the teeth for approximately a one hour appointment.

It is important to realize that certain colorations and conditions of teeth respond differently to whitening procedures, so a consultation and evaluation with your local dentist in NJ, Dr. Ciuffreda is essential to determine if whitening is advisable for you, and the advantages that one system might have over the other for you.

Another important factor to consider is that crowns, veneers and bonded / composite fillings do not change color with tooth whitening procedures. Therefore we generally advise our patients to whiten their teeth first, prior to any restorative treatments. This way, we will most closely match your new restorations to your new, lighter shade!


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